i spy: dancing to a-trak

The WhoDJ A-Trak (Alain Macklovitch)
Say What? – Live DJ set
Like, When? – The evening of Friday, February 11, 2011 during the height of the NY Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week
WhereaboutsLAVO NYC
– As a result of never being disappointed in attending a DJ A-Trak live set, I am compelled to be a repeat visitor at his sets. ‘Nuff said. Overall Rating (Five stars = Out of this world amazing; One star = I would have a better time at home) – FIVE*****!

New York-based DJ and co-founder of Fool’s Gold Records, DJ A-Trak, has rocked the hottest parties and clubs worldwide. His house, hip-hop, old-school and electronica musical blends are enough to make everyone, even the “wallflowers” dance all night and morning long.

Photo credit: www.kirillwashere.com

The crowd consisted of young, beautiful and hip tastemakers from around the tri-state area and even various parts of Europe. A-Trak’s inability to sit still and his keen ability to make the audience dance harder just from his stage presence alone. The result of his energy and eclectic music mix certainly made for an enjoyable evening. The set quickly turned into a party and continued to crescendo through the evening. It was great to dance with complete strangers as if they were old chums from college days. A-Trak primarily stuck to house and electro-pop with tantalizing beats versus the hip-hop tunes that he usually adds into his line-up of mixing.

Photo credit: www.kirillwashere.com

Are you jealous and bummed that you missed out on the action? Do not fret! A-Trak has another set next Friday, March 6th for the Downtown Music Festival at Webster Hall. Check out the details at www.bowerypresents.com/event/5969.