The Paper Garden

Brooklyn’s Paper Garden Records didn’t waste any time setting the bar for the week, showcasing their amazing talents in The Living Room.

The City and Horses were up first; bringing with them a sing song brand of indie pop with an almost childlike innocence.  Playing “We Will Never be Discovered” along with other tracks they have come to be known for.















Pree was up next; taking quite a while to set up, but a while worth waiting for. May Tobal’s vocals are so beautiful and elegant it helped not only to define one of the sides we love about Paper Garden the most, but also what makes this band great. Their set was pretty solid you would’ve never guessed they got in from Washington D.C. just seconds before they hit the stage.











Conveyor’s set was scheduled next. This experimental pop band is Paper Garden’s big deal band at the moment and man did they put on a show. Their set was full of all kinds of sounds, re verbs and great melodies. They definitely live up to all of their hype.











Eli Mardock’s set was really fun. He slowed and quickened the pace of the show at will. Coming from one of the most influential bands of the early 00’s, Eagle Seagull, I think it came naturally.










Natureboy (who’s actually a girl) closed the showcase with a very intimate (not to mention my favorite) set. Going fully acoustic, there was nothing between Natureboy (girl) and us.